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Why work at JTT

JTT has statistically one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry for its Project Managers and Project Engineers. Why?

We interviewed our Project Managers throughout the company and here are the top reasons that they love their job:

  1. “I am responsible for the success of my projects with minimal oversight. I like the independence and the fact that I am fully accountable for my projects.”
  2. “This job is very fluid; it is not stagnant at all. I love being presented with new challenges, learning opportunities, and seeing how different industries and plants operate.”
  3. “Working for a company that encourages entrepreneurial spirit is a great thing. I have seen project engineers and project managers have new ideas that impact company direction and then get rewarded for it.”
  4. “I love the variety of work locations I visit and the types of industries I serve. No day looks like the next.”
  5. “Even through tough times, JTT has not downsized. The company appreciates me, and I know that if I do a good job, I will keep my job.”
  6. “I like being able to manage multiple projects or tasks at the same time.”
  7. “I love being responsible for entire projects and accounts. Other jobs I’ve held focus solely on one aspect of the project, but here, I have a hand in the estimating, engineering, project execution, project profitability, and business growth.”
  8. “I can make change within our company. I love working for a company that provides me with that opportunity.”
  9. “By helping create and maintain the infrastructure of manufacturing plants in the Power, Gasoline, Steel, Copper and Cement industries, I know that our projects positively contribute to society.”
  10. “As a businessman and engineer, I have the opportunity to explore new technologies, obtain new customers, and grow business within an existing customer base.”
  11. “We build tangible things. It is so satisfying to build something that I can see and touch.”
  12. “I enjoy going into plants that very few people have the opportunity to see. Many people don’t have the opportunity to visit Refineries, Copper Smelters, Power Plants, Tesla Plants, Steel Mills, Aluminum Furnaces, Sugar Plants and Bread Plants.”
  13. “Performing a project from start to finish, from design to completion, is very rewarding. Receiving feedback after each job (on items like safety, engineering, customer satisfaction, and profitability) lets me get better on each successive job.”
  14. “JTT compensates me for my hard work and contributions to the company. I am always recognized for doing a good job.”
  15. “I haven’t been with another company that offers such a generous retirement account. JTT’s profit sharing plan is incredible.”
  16. “I definitely like being an expert in a field where customers really need and seek my expertise. It is like we are the ‘doctors’ of the industry.”
  17. “I really enjoy working with a variety of people from varying backgrounds, both inside the office and in the field. From day-to-day, I could be working with PHDs, engineers, maintenance supervisors, craftsmen, trade unions, plant managers, supervisors, inspectors and administrative staff. It’s never a dull moment.”
  18. “I like being able to travel around the country, and sometimes around the world. It’s great to have the opportunity to see and experience other cultures.”
  19. “JTT offers practical, hands-on engineering and problem solving experience. It’s rewarding to often see immediate results.”
  20. “It is wonderful to work for a profitable growing company that provides opportunity for high achievers.”
  21. “JTT offers opportunities for advancement in a short period of time if I perform well. I am rewarded for my hard work.”